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Jeff's LiveJournal

Pissing people off since 1977!

26 April 1977
Gosh, autobiographical tidbits about me? I'll wake you when the boring stops.

Okay, here goes... I was born in 1977 which makes me the number of years old between today and then. (Currently that's 32, but since I rarely update this thing, you do the math!) I'm married to Heath, a wonderful man who has been my partner in life since 2001. I like reading anything online or in a magazine but nothing in books. I like solving as many problems as I likely cause.

I prefer tshirts rather than button-downs, shorts rather pants and the thought of going to work every day in a necktie makes me cringe. Although I think I can rock a suit and tie if you can get me into one which is rarely if ever. I just don't like getting all dressed up in stuffy clothes. *shudder*

I work for one of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile email solutions and I shamelessly promote our products as if I made them in my basement with my own two hands.

In my spare time I like going to the gym, shopping, spending my time hanging out with Heath and our friends and pretty much doing as little as possible. If the TVs on, I'm addicted to Law & Order (except for that stupid Criminal Intent thing... what is that anyway??), Family Guy and Desperate Housewives. If I'm at the movies it's either under extreme duress (I hate theaters. Thank GOD for Arclight!) or because the movie is exceptionally good.

*nudge, nudge* You can wake up now.